Privacy Policy

At Capital Merchant Advances, we are fully committed to maintaining and safeguarding the privacy of all our visitors and users.

The following Privacy Policy thoroughly explains what occurs to the personal data sent to us or collected by us through our website.

Capital Merchant Advances. are fully aware of how essential a user’s privacy is and therefore have brought forward measures that ensure all personal data obtained from you is processed & maintained in parallel with the principles of the good information handling. Furthermore, it is additionally processed & maintained in accordance with the official 1998 Data Protection Act. Within this statement, as well as set down below, are all the details on the kind of data we. may have about you, ways of obtaining and processing such information and how they protect the privacy of the users.


We regularly update our Privacy Policy, so make sure to review it once in awhile.

Information Collected for/through Capital Merchant Advances

  1. Name
  2. Official residential address
  3. Official residential status
  4. Date of birth
  5. An email address (when applicable)
  6. Phone number (mobile, home, work)
  7. Income info
  8. Bank account details
  9. Data on your individual use of the website, including details of the visits, including viewed pages and accessed resources. These details may include location data, traffic data, as well as further communication data.

Possible use of Information

Capital Merchant Advances preserves the right to share the user’s information with partners and affiliates, who can process one’s personal data/information that has been given to us. However, such actions will be solely for the purpose stated in this privacy policy.

Capital Merchant Advances uses the data collected from the user in order to provide their service. In addition, they may make use of this information for any of the following reasons:

– To extract specific information for the purpose of generating statistics of their own internal motives (including behaviour/credit scoring, product and market analysis).

– In order to detect, investigate and prevent actual and any potential fraud, as well as any related activities.

– To provide details that you may have requested regarding to their services or products.

– To provide details regarding similar products which you may be interested in. Such additional data will be provided only after you consent to its receival.

Unless you tell us otherwise, Capital Merchant Advances, the lenders, 3rd parties and any other brokers may officially contact you regarding products and services that you may have interest in.

Capital Merchant Advances will never hand out any of your information to 3rd parties for the purpose of using your data to help them provide you details regarding unrelated services or products.

Your individual data may have use for other purposes, such as data validation, product sales/marketing, enhancement, modelling, information verification, identity verification, tracing, suppression, and to the level permitted by law, individual lookup or reference services, by Invive Limited, LexisNexis, Legal & Financial Solutions Limited, as well as selected third parties.

How Capital Merchant Advancesmay Reach Out

Capital Merchant Advances, the lenders, 3rd parties or any other brokers may possibly contact you via email, phone, SMS, post, fax or automated messages.

Storing Personal Data

By operating the website, it may be required for Capital Merchant Advances to transfer some data that has been collected by us from you to various locations outside the US for the purpose of processing & storing. By providing us your personal data, you official agree to such a transfer, storing & processing of information. Capital Merchant Advances does their very best to ensure all steps are implemented to make sure all of your data is securely stored.

Unfortunately, sending information through the internet can never be 100% secure and on certain occasions, such data may be intercepted. Capital Merchant Advances or us cannot fully guarantee the complete security of information or data that has been sent to us electronically. Sending us such data is completely at your own individual risk.

Disclosing Information

Capital Merchant Advances will never disclose any of your personal details to a 3rd party, apart from those in accordance with our Privacy Policy and in the following circumstances:

– In the case that this party sells any or the entirety of their business to the buyer.

– When they are required officially by law to disclose the user’s personal data.

– To improve fraud protection & decrease the risk of potential fraud.


3rd Party Links


We may, on occasion, include specific links to 3rd parties on our website. When providing a link, we aren’t necessarily endorsing or approving that site’s particular policy towards its visitor’s privacy. You must individually review their own privacy policy before providing them any sort of data.


Information Access


In full accordance to the 1998 Data Protection Act, you possess the right to have access to any data that Capital Merchant Advances hold in relation to you. Please keep in mind that Capital Merchant Advances reserves the right to request a fee that may reach 10 Pounds in order to cover potential costs incurred in providing such information.


Contacting Capital Merchant Advances

Please feel free to contact Capital Merchant Advances in relation to any matter related to this specific Privacy Policy. Send your message to:

Capital Merchant Advances

Compliance Manager



[email protected]